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We have vast experience in renovating all types of masory structure. Nothing is beyond our reach or capabilities.

Sydneys history has left us with an abundance of aging victorian homes that are often in need of anything from a light face lift to an extensive renovation or alteration.

This can be a huge project on many levels from the conceptual design right through to the gardens and landscape.
Dealing with the right tradespeople for the job, right from the start, can make this daunting task a whole lot easier.

Sydney city masonry have extensive experience in all kinds of alterations, additions,underpinning, renovations, and masonry repair.
Renovations make up a large portion of our work, so we stock a wide range of equipment, tools and skills specific to this, that many other masons dont have.
We pride ourselves in having the knowledge needed to complete your renovation in an efficient, cost effective manner.




It is a common sight throughout sydney to see masonry fences and retaining walls that are showing their age. in many cases it is necessary to replace a damaged wall with a new one, which built correctly will stand the test of time.
Sydney city masonry has the neccessary trade skills to take your project from a concept to a reality from start to finish. minimsing the need for clients to obtain numerous quotes for different stages of the construction and allowing for and effient overall project management.

If demoltion and excavation is required Sydney city masonry is fully equipped to carry out such tasks. removal of any kind of strucures is carried out using appropiate methods in accordance with oh&s requirements.

Sydney city masonry has the expertise to construct new steel reinforced concrete footings when constructing new walls. if a private engineer has not been appointed, the manufacturers design guide is followed for correct structual engineering specifications in accordance with australian standards.

Whether its retaining walls, brick fences, garden walls or outdoor paving areas, sydney city masonry will turn your idea into a reality.

There are countless wall designs and variations to choose from Sydney city masonry has the knoiwledge and experience to give you advice on what is best suited to you in regards to land layout, cost and preference.

If strength is you number one conceren, then you cant go past a reinforced concrete filled block wall.
If you want the look of bricks or stone/tile cladding, but need the strength of concrete, then this wall makes a great backing for a facade of your choice.
If a timber or colourbond fence is to be erected along the top of this wall, then the concrete wall gives a perfect solution for accomodating this.
Perhaps sydneys famous sandstone is what suits your home or desire. sydney sity masonry can source and construct whatever stone wall, floor or shape you may like.
Contact us to today to discuss whatever type of wall your garden needs.